Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Sport TVR MD-1


Back in April we reported that TVR was preparing a new Corvette-engined model, and it seems that they have been quietly working on it ever since. Now that the model is taking a little more shape, Nikolai Smolenski, owner of the British sports car company, is back in the news providing more details for his comeback car.

The new model, called the MD-1, will be based on the Tuscan convertible and will be powered by a Corvette sourced 6.2 liter V8 engine with an output of 638 HP. From the Tuscan, the MD-1 will borrow the fabric hood and the windscreen, but all of the other elements of the car will be changed in order to make a "clear departure from TVR’s past."

"Production will be outsourced. We have received offers from Jimmy Prize in South Africa and plenty of others from England. [...] I would naturally prefer to work with firms such as Caterham or Lotus, but it’s unlikely that the former would be able to do it, and the latter wouldn’t represent good value for money. But it’s equally possible that I wouldn’t go back to the UK at all, and could set myself up somewhere in Germany," said Smolenski.

Next to the MD-1, TVR is also preparing a three-seat MD-2 that will be revealed a few years later. An MD-3 may also be in the works and will be "totally different and more imposing" according to Smolenski.

The MD-1 will go on sale in spring 2012, and will be limited to 250 units a yea