Wednesday, February 23, 2011

50 Attractive, Reinvigorating Clownfish Wallpapers

Clownfish often becomes the main target while diving, especially after the big hit of Finding Nemo movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios.
Clownfishes often found hiding in the anemone and with their orange skin, they create a contrasting view with their environment. This contrasting view somehow creates a really unique, calming view when photographed. Let's take a look at these collection of clownfish wallpapers (and nemo wallpapers in the end of clownfish wallpapers collection).

Australia and Great Barrier Reef

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50 Amazing Strong, Energizing Rocks Wallpapers-Gallery-02

Rocks in Mediterranean

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50 Amazing and Stunning Aurora Wallpapers for your Computer_Gallery_05

Blue Light

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50 Colorful, Beautiful Aurora Background WallpapersGallery_04

Night Aurora

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50 Colorful, Awesome Aurora PC Desktop Backgrounds Gallery_03

Blue Ray of Aurora

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50 Hot, Amazing Aurora Desktop Background_Gallery_02

Blue Light and Line

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50 Colorful, Stunning Aurora50 Colorful Wallpapers for your desktop_Gallery_01

Aurora is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that occur in this world. It's also known as Dance of the Spirits. With its colorful appearance, somehow the auroras give me a mind-blowing feeling.
"It's just that amazing". Even Apple designers decided to put Aurora as the default wallpaper for Leopard OS. Let's take a look at several other Auroras photographed/designed by people around the world wide web.

Dark Aurora

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50 Awesome Strong, Energizing Rocks Wallpapers-Gallery-05

Just a Rock

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50 Amazing Strong, Energizing Rocks Wallpapers-Gallery-04


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50 Beautiful Strong, Energizing Rocks Wallpapers-Gallery-03

Cinnamon Bay Rocks

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50 Amazing Strong, Energizing Rocks Wallpapers-Gallery-01

With their unique texture, these rocks deliver a feeling of determination and toughness. Combining rocks with flowing water often creates perfect composition of moving and still object.
"When you omitted the color of the photo, you can see its soul". These rocks wallpapers still remain beautiful on their grayscaled mode.

Wave Splashing

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Bollywood Celebrities : Latest Hot Wallpapers

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Pictures : Lakshmi Ganesha Wallpapers

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HD HQ Pictures : Laxmi Ganesh Wallpapers

Lakshmi (Sanskrit: Lakshmi lakṣmī, Hindi pronunciation: Tamil [ləkʃmi]: லட்சுமி letchumi), and the embodiment of the wealth (both material and spiritual), light, knowledge, luck, fertility liberality and courage is the Hindu goddess of prosperity, beauty, grace and attraction. Lakshmi represents the Jain monuments are found. Is said to bring good luck to Mahalaxmi. The trouble and money on all kinds of sorrows and is believed to protect his devotees.

Widescreen Wallpapers : Bala Krishna Gopal Krishna Pictures

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World's Oldest Cutture :Krishna is (child or young boy) playing a flute

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Hinduism Worship Wallpapers | Shri Shri Krishna

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Hindu Wallpapers: Lord Krishna HD Pictures for your Desktop

(कृष्ण in Devanagari,''Iast in classical Sanskrit) in Hinduism approach a kind of goddess worship in many traditions is. ...

High Quality Hare Krishna Wallpapers

8 and the most important incarnation of Vishnu, a handsome young man playing a flute as embodied.
Krishna (Krishna in Devanagari,''Iast classical Sanskrit) across many traditions of the Hindu religion worship god in a variety of approaches. ...