Monday, November 29, 2010

35 Beautiful Examples Of HDR Sunset Photography

The sunset photographs below was created with a technique known as high dynamic range, or HDR for short. HDR photo's are usually recognisable by their extreme exposure range. In other words, a greater range of shadows and highlights are visible to the eye when viewing the image, than would otherwise have been seen. This often results in an image that leaves other photographers wondering why their photo's aren't as sharp and detailed.

Here are 35 Beautiful Examples Of HDR Sunset Photography to help you take your own stunning sunset photos. You will get a pretty decent idea of how to take photographs of sunsets that look just amazing.

Sangenjaya Sunset by Altus

Mazatlan Dolphins chasing the sunset by Jerimias Quadil

headland by Peter Allen

Goldeneye by Haaghun

The Glowing Barn by John Mueller

Sunset Seafront by BoblyP

San Germano - Vercelli by Fabio Nodari

An old Sunset. . . by SMGallery

Beach Path by Eric Baxter

Revisiting a sweet spot by vedd

Horses walk on water in Morro Bay! by Howard Ignatius

Örebro Slott vid Skymningen by Jan Erik Forss

Sunset on Clearwater by Pepeketua

The red boat by Jean-Michel Priaux

Sunset Spray by Karl Williams

Good Night by Shertila Tony

SUNFLOWER'S SUNSET by Fabio Gismondi

Colorful HDR sunset by Tambako The Jaguar

Jeunesse dorée by Problemkind

Sunset - Klädesholmen by Filip Nystedt

Le Temple d'Apollon by Omalorig

In the end... by Kugarth

Walking Between Heaven and Earth by Tom Raven

Long Shadows by Wendell

Cinematic by Allard Schager

HDRPano by Tomasz

Happiness in a seashell by janusz

78.8 ºFahrenheit... by JanneO™

The Portofino Bay by Trey Ratcliff

Love is powerfull by Arnaud Montagard

Cold Mountain by Patrik Engman

Sunset in the rain by Mr.Pixel

Münsterbrücke at Dusk by Nik-On!

Mount Hood from Trillium Lake by David Gn Photography

New York - Brooklyn Bridge Sunset by Philipp Klinger

Artichabria in pink shirt

Artichabria - a fresh flower

Artichabria in blue showing her legs

Artichabria - arnt she a beauty simble?

Bollywood beauty Aartichabria

Aanchal Saberwal

Aanchal Saberwal a fress bollywood face

Aanchal Saberwal has alluring eyes

aanchal kumar posing in red sarri