Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Without plus BODY KIT exterior remains compelling performance in buildings with a carrying Carriage UNDER RING 19-inch BBS alloy wheels equipped with 235/35 19 inch KUMHO TIRE.
Original silver color harmony with GLASS FILMS dark aura had a car like a VIP.

Building the front cabin which mixes two streams at once elegant, represented by a device left on the dashboard minibar, Medium breath exhaled from the sporty steering wheel SHIFTKNOB ISOTTA who collaborated with Momo and pedal SET TYPE R. Wrap Semi brown skin and white velvet interior dominated the start of the seats, carpet, DOORTRIM, dashboard, PILAR, until PLATFON. Special VIP cabin concept, put a sofa with his minibar.

UNIT HEAD Clarion DXZ 768 USB IN CAR ENTERTAINMENT started mixing. A Samsung 19-inch LCD TVs align VIP Car concept which is also supported by SONY PLAYSTATION 3 game console. Bang favors low to high tones in the ears thanks to CrossOver SCANSPEAK who was asked to separate the low tones by the two seed dijabani woofer Rockford FOSGATE SUB IT 12 Inches, with middle and high-pitched tone that was issued by the following MIDDLE SPEAKER Tweeter SCANSPEAK. More and more performance mantab tone is sustained also in the back cabin with SPEAKER Venom. Falsifies the end of the ICE sector is obtained by installing two power Rockford FOSGATE T1000 series. 1 and P450 series. 4 follows with PCA 3 farad capacitor bank.