Saturday, August 7, 2010

New 2011 BMW M3 GTS with 450HP 4.4-Liter V8 Revealed

The most powerful ever production BMW M3 GTS revealed, and, yes, it’s a street-legal. More power from a larger capacity 450HP V8 engine and much juicy upgrades that you usually find on aftermarket tuned cars.

BMW M3 GTS img_1 | AutoWorld

UPDATED: with new video

The new M3 GTS is distinguished by several exclusive features borrowed from the Porsche 911 GT3-like orange finish and the numerous dull-black applications, to the adjustable front splitter and rear wing that can grant a higher rank of downforce and the single 19-inch wheels with ample 255/35 tires at the front and 285/30 at the rear.

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An earlier look at the car also reveals the heavy rigid caliper brake system with six pistons at the front and four at the back as well as the new yellow springs with a small M logo. BMW says that the M3 GTS skin a special threaded suspension, adjustable in compression and ricochet.

The credence-saving dealings adopted on the new 2011 M3 GT3 include a new set of light body-contoured front seats, optimization of the insulation, the use of lightweight parts in the interior, the use of Macrolon for the car’s windows in the back, the exclusion of the air conditioning, navigation and radio systems and the rear seats that have been abandoned altogether – who wishes them anyhow on a car like this.

Furthermore, the GTS features a new titanium rear silencer that not only promises to create a more nation car-like symphony but it is also much lighter than its serial production counterpart.

According to BMW‘s M rift, the M3 GTS tips the scales at around 1,490 kilograms (3,285 pounds). That’s more than impressive given that the criterion M3 (U.S.-spec example) weighs in at 1,680kg (3,704 lbs).

The M3 GTS has been ready for installation of 6-time seatbelts for use on the event track while there also mounts for the reel-over protective shape bolted on from the B file bonus a fire extinguisher and a string master alter/emergency shut-off preparation.

The serial production M3 gets an openly aspirated 4.0-liter V8 engine pumping out 420HP. For the M3 GTS, BMW’s M department enlarged the displacement of the V8 to 4.4-liters thus hopeful an output of around 450 horsepower. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a 7-momentum M dual clutch transmission with adapted period characteristics.

We’re still waiting at BMW to method performance figures and more technical facts on the new M3 GTS, but we can tell you that the price of the custom prepared standard is likely to be €115,000 (US $170,000) for delivery in Germany, counting 19% VAT. BMW said that the first examples are due to be supplied in Germany in May 2010 while according to tide forecast, registrations in other countries will be potential from Summer 2010.