Monday, August 9, 2010

New Volkswagen Golf MkVII Leaked

Not much time passed since the release of the last VW Golf MkVI but we already have information on the next-generation Golf MkVII. And our information on this new hatchback, slated for a 2012 unveiling.

2012 VW Golf VII renderings img_1 | AutoWorld

The recently revealed promotional video of VW L1 Concept suddenly show us a groupe of designers which work on clay styling model of the next-generation Golf. But the photo proves that work is well underway on the new Golf, suggesting a particularly condensed lifecycle for the unfilled MkVi car.

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As with the transition from MkV to MkVI, styling changes will be shrewd and evolutionary – in trust with the solid’s existing figure poetry. Changes include a sharper nose and more steeply raked windscreen, as well as narrower headlights and more pronounced wheel arches.