Monday, August 9, 2010

New Auto Performance Fast Car Modifications

A stage 1 RB26 ready to be fitted. You can by a complete engine straight from Mine's. You can choose between a stage 1 (480hp) or a stage 2 engine (580hp). All engines are hand build by Mine's chief engineer Nakayama San. A complete stage 2 engine without the ancillaries will cost you 3.000,000 yen. I could import a nice car for that LOL.

I noticed we didn't had a lot of Toyota Supra's on Speedhunters. It's not that we don't like the car, but its hard to find a really nice example. I think I have found one. The car has some nice features like the Top Secret carbon diffuser and the red color coded rims. Not sure on the make of the wheels but I'm sure you guys can help me out.

A final shot of their Nissan R35 GT-R. The car is rocking a new ESTA suspension system specifically designed for the road. The OEM rotors are replaced by Mine's items and the pads are upgraded by Pagid ones. Mine's claims that when you purchase their Titan exhaust system, VX filter replacement and their VX-Rom you will have power increase of 50 to 60hp.

I still like the Mine's mentality although I do not have the money to buy any of their products, well I do have a key chain. Maybe someday.