Thursday, October 21, 2010

Incepto Sports Cars Concept by Azerbaijani Designer Samir Sadikhov

The future concept cars coming out these days are just spectacular. Sports cars are out of the range, this is the “Incepto, new design trends and styling language, Azerbaijani designer Samir Sadikhov has come up with a sports cars concept that combines luxury and performance in a single vehicle.
Incepto Sports Cars Concept by Azerbaijani Designer Samir Sadikhov
The first photo is the cars in a red and black design. Hailed as “Incepto,” the two-seater presents an aerodynamic body, especially the glass-covered rear wheels, to ensure minimal wind resistance and better controls at high speeds. Developed for the year 2020, the sportscar includes a dramatic center-vertical exhaust to tout an astonishing design language.
The smooth, curvy exterior of the Incepto is equally supported by an elegant and comfortable interior. Incepto Sports Cars Concept by Azerbaijani Designer Samir Sadikhov photos it is eloquent of the writer to describe the design as language. There are many medium a speaker can use to communicate. Taking the time to imagine, sketch, plan and create a concept is a very high level of communication that most think only scientists or mathematicians can reach.
Fortunately the design world is for the simplicity on this chaotic oblate sphere(Earth). Therefore all the complicated terms have no meaning for the consumer. Words that we like to hear are easy to use, comfortable, efficient, smooth and classy. The design sounds just breathtaking and so are the photos.
A concept car, designed by Samir Sadikhov, proves an amazing dexterity of a Student cum designer with a vision to build a futuristic two-seated, sporty and a luxurious sports car. He has also been able to successfully combine a enhanced aerodynamic approach by covering the rear wheels by glass and an unusual central-vertical exhaust, which is perfectly radically designed, converting his self-branded limited dream-car into a successful final product.

Though Incepto has a radical design which is different from many other designs and concept cars there is a portion of impracticality which can be refined for its better secured future.