Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bentley Sport Cars Bentley Silver Wings Concept

The British carmaker Bentley, owned by Volkswagen Group had displayed a W16 powered super sports cars at the Geneva Motor show. The project was conceived as a virtual mid-engined successor to the 1999 Hunaudieres Concept. The front end of this vehicle features an aggressive front splitter and air intake set up to emulate the F22 Jet and is characterized by the trademark Bentley domed grill and twin circular headlights.
The Bentley Silver Wings Concept also features a raised beltline and diminishing character lines that help define the supercar embodiment of this concept and elongate the rear-end of this vehicle. This really is the Bentley of supercars...
Dubbed the Bentley Sport Cars Bentley Silver Wings Concept, the concept is inspired by the brand’s racing heritage as well as the F22 Raptor jet fighter. Bentley Silver Wings Concept is the usual hodgepodge of design elements from Aston Martin, Zonda, Saleen and Bentley of course, but it still has a certain charm about it.
Bentley Sport Cars Bentley Silver Wings Concept
The Silver Wing concept car uses a harmonious mix between mid-engine layout and aggressive design cues. The front end uses an aggressive layout built around Bentley’s characteristic domed grille and headlights that draw inspiration from the company’s current design language. The exterior also includes large rear air intakes for the rear brakes, and the 20" or 21" alloy wheels.
Shawn Wood and Guohua Cheng are two industrial designers recently graduated from the Industrial Design course at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (TAFA), China. They are two college kids from China have come up with something that will blow your mind completely. The W16 display car, which was a concept called the Hunaudières had a cab-forward design with sleek looks and was done up in British Racing Green. The concept cars had more chrome than Ludacris’ Escalade.