Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Sport Koenigsegg CCR

Koenigsegg CCR

Koenigsegg CCR is better known as the 'record-breaker'. Yes, the CCR beat the The McLaren F1 supercar, the fastest production car ever built, at Italy's Nardo Prototipo on October 28th 2010, with a breath-taking performance at 387.87 km/h, a 15 km/h increase from the later's past record.

Koenigsegg is an exclusive manufacturer of super sports cars, the latest being the Koenigsegg CCX with a performance speed of 403 km/h. The CC (Competition Coup) led by Koenigsegg is unlikely to be defeated in the near future. The McLaren F1 and Ferrari Enzo supercars still have to come a long way to prove superior in the squad of Production cars. The performance speed of McLaren F1 is 372 km/h and that of Ferrari Enzo is 355 km/h as per the results at Nardo/Prototipo.

Koenigsegg CCR is synonymous with speed. The engineering and design of this sports car substantiate this fact. The aerodynamic body and the lightweight chassis display the main purpose of the vehicle, the speed. The front bumper reminds you the cutting shark with pointed face and deep nostrils. The materials of the body are the lightweight carbon fiber compounds reinforced with Kevlar and aluminum honeycomb. These features ensure the complete safety along with the super speed even in extreme driving conditions. A feather-touch driving experience from Koenigsegg!

Koenigsegg CCR is specially designed considering the tastes of the sporty car customers. The low and broad appearance of the body adds a pleasant feeling of safety; added to this is the fashionably designed semicircular windscreen and organically shaped rear hood. Under roofless driving conditions, the hardtop can be turned to fit under the front bonnet. The whole chassis can be exposed when the hoods and the roof are open; this adds a lot of convenience while inspecting the body.

The most important feature of any sports car is the design of its body. Koenignsegg CCR's body is perfectly symmetrical adding a sense of equilibrium while driving. The gear lever is located at the center point of the supercar. All other important mechanisms are mounted around the steering so as to have a good control over them, and these instruments are visible from the upper spokes of the wheel avoiding unnecessary acrobatics while driving.

A lot more technological additions, such as the cutting edge brakes, new racing shock absorbers, CCR advanced throttle, a monocoque carbonfibre intake plenum, and 19" front wheels, etc., are applied to make Koenigsegg CCR the choice of the leaders.