Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Real Rocky

Daihatsu Rocky
Daihatsu RockyAge may be old but this car looks and performs like a Jeep latest already .. lets take a look ..!
1991 Daihatsu Rocky alert has undergone many modifications adopted the view Jeep Wrangler TJ. Prasad as the owner of this car is handed over entirely to the workshop Modification Garage Pit who settled in the area of West Jakarta.

The car was originally painted blue with white again, then, Nuris, the modifier remodel the roof of the car and turn it with a custom roof hardtop model that takes the design of the model that carried Jeep Wrangler TJ.
taft2Selain of hardtop custom applications made very neat, on the body also added bumper, side skirts and custom custom fenders over to look more manly body and remain stylish.

Aura Jeep increasingly reinforced by the application Grill aka Rocky Daihatsu Rugger country version of Sakura and the towing.

Application Part Wrangler TJ
Some parts belong Wrangler TJ has also been embedded in the body belongs Rocky Prasad, ie mirrors, gas cap, hood pins and Dumper. Log into the interior, Recaro front seats have been using, the back seat wrapped in leather with a matching black berkelir front seats and steering Daihatsu custom applications.

4x4 Modification of the concept, the ability of the legs of this car has also been enhanced. Reinforced front suspension system with Mopar shocbreaker while using procomp rear with leaf springs that have been dicustom. Section wheel rim has relied Replication M / T 16 x 7.5 which is then wrapped in tire size gambot alerts Couragia Federal M / T 285/75/16.

With the modification result of this claim, Pit Garage, Daihatsu Rocky older white berkelir fresh look increasingly ready to bulldoze the various street characters. (IMN)

Car Owner: Prasad
Type of Car: 1991 Daihatsu Rocky

Body & Interior: Wrangler TJ Hard Top Custom Design, Custom Bumper, Side Skirt Custom, Grill Rugger, Stoplamp Custom, Pin Hood TJ, TJ Dumper, Spion TJ, TJ Close Gasoline, Towing, Stir Daihatsu Custom, Front Recaro Seat
Legs - Feet: Shockbreaker Mopar (front) & Procomp (rear), Replication Velg M / T (16 x 7.5), the Federal Ban Couragia M / T (285 x 75 x 16)