Friday, December 10, 2010

50 Colorful, Stunning Aurora Wallpapers

50 Colorful, Stunning Aurora Wallpapers

Aurora is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that occur in this world. It's also known as Dance of the Spirits. With its colorful appearance, somehow the auroras give me a mind-blowing feeling.
"It's just that amazing". Even Apple designers decided to put Aurora as the default wallpaper for Leopard OS. Let's take a look at several other Auroras photographed/designed by people around the world wide web.

Dark Aurora

Aurora and the Forest

Windows Aurora Longhorn

Sky Aurora

Vista Aurora Dream

Vista Aurora

Aurora Borealis from Space

Green Aurora

Awesome Space Aurora

Space Aurora

Blue Light and Line

Black Aurora

Aurora Blue

Snowy Sky

Light of the Aurora

Aurora Future

Blue Aurora

Green Aurora

Self-Made Aurora

Aurora Borealis

Blue Ray of Aurora

Aurora Mystify

Snow and Aurora

Aurora and Mountain

Shiny Aurora

Face of a Woman

Artistic Aurora

Blue Aurora

Aurora Snowfall

Night Aurora

Aurora Borealis



Beautiful Aurora

The Source

Celestial Imperium

Borealis at Heart

Desk Aurora

Northern Lights

Blue Light

Aurora Pride

Aurora Over the Big City

Digital Aurora


Glowing Radiance

Aurora in Paradise

Sunset on Bohemia

Aurora in the Sierras

Flurry Aurora

Aurora Borealis

50 Attractive, Reinvigorating Clownfish Wallpapers

Clownfish often becomes the main target while diving, especially after the big hit of Finding Nemo movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios.
Clownfishes often found hiding in the anemone and with their orange skin, they create a contrasting view with their environment. This contrasting view somehow creates a really unique, calming view when photographed. Let's take a look at these collection of clownfish wallpapers (and nemo wallpapers in the end of clownfish wallpapers collection).

Australia and Great Barrier Reef


Clownfish and Anemone

Percula Clownfish

The Gypsies

The Clownfish in Deep Hiding

Clownfish Facing Front



Clownfish Near the Reef

Clownfish and its Anemone

Yellow Clownfish


Finding Nemo among Clownfish



Clownfishes at the Zoo

Clownfish in Hiding

Clownfish Saying Hello

Clownfish in Dark

Clownfish and Black Anemonefish

Clownfish Near Anemone

Clownfish Sleeping

Navy Blue Anemonefish

Two Clownfishes

Clownfishes Gathering

Clownfish in Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

Clownfish, I Found You

Dark Side of Clownfish

Clownfish's Distant Cousin

Found Clownfish

Anemonefish Fiji

Amphiprion Species

A Little Clownfish

Grumpy Clownfish

Is It Nemo the Clownfish

I Found Clownfish




I've Found Clownfish

Many Clownfishes

Nemo and Turtle

Nemo in Round Aquarium

Finding Nemo

Nemo in Trouble

Nemo and Friends

Finding Nemo

Scared Nemo

Nemo in Trouble

50 Strong, Energizing Rocks Wallpapers

With their unique texture, these rocks deliver a feeling of determination and toughness. Combining rocks with flowing water often creates perfect composition of moving and still object.
"When you omitted the color of the photo, you can see its soul". These rocks wallpapers still remain beautiful on their grayscaled mode.

Wave Splashing

Rough Stone Wall

Dry Stone Wall

Wet Beach Pebbles

Dry Stone Wall

River Rocks

Maruia Falls

Olympic Beach Rocks

Ripples Over Rock

Stream Over Rock

Rocks in Mediterranean

Dark Wave

Cliffs of Mediterranean

Ice on the Rocks

Rocks and Grass

Schist Rock

Shell Beach Rocks

Pismo Cliff


Cinnamon Bay Rocks

The Whale Hole

Canon Beach Rocks

Rocks in Stream

Summit of Mt.Evans

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach


Babbling Brook


Edge of the Cliff Walks

Moss-Covered Rocks along Roaring Fork, Great Smoky Mountains


Crystal Pools

Shore Acres Sandstone

Slot Canyon Utah

Rock Balancing

Potomac River

Just a Rock

Rock On

The Rock

Castle Rock

Chapel Rock

The Rock

Big Rock


Arch Rock

The Rock

Rock Background

Rock Bridge

St.Ives Rock

50 Remarkable Waterfall Wallpapers

Once you look at the waterfall wallpapers, it will be hard for you to forget their beauty. They're all beautiful and somehow deliver a calming force. These wallpapers are good to reduce stress during work.



Flower Garden

New Zealand Bliss


Epic Falls

Weathered Fieldstone Waterfall


Inthanon Morning Shower Waterfall

Minas Viejas Waterfalls, Huasteca Potosina, Mexico




Jungle Trails Waterfall

Mountains and Waterfall

Water Ark Force

Lower Crackpot Waterfall

Cauldron Snout

Gibson's Cave

Swallow Falls

Smoky Mountain Waterfalls

Svartifoss, the Black Waterfall

Cascadas de Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico

Cataratas do Igua'u Brasil

Waterfall along the Lynn Fjord

Iguassu Waterfall with Rainbow

Abrahms Falls

Devil's Throat Waterfall

Chinnabee Falls

Water Fall Meramec Spring Creek


Celestial Home under the Waterfall

Wailea Falls - Fantasy Island Waterfall

Nardis Waterfall

Kiwanis Waterfall Park - Regina, Saskatchewan


Chutes-de-la-Chaudiere, Charny, Quebec



Cascata Caracol

Behind the Frozen Waterfall


Grant Park Waterfall

Godafoss, Iceland

Niagara Falls

Cascades Main Waterfall

Tartan Rocks Waterfall


Hawaii Waterfall

Luang Prabang Waterfall

Hope you can find something useful from these nature wallpapers.