Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gilles says new Chrysler models to hug the ground

According to Ward’s Auto, we can expect more than a nice interior from future Chrysler products. It seems the automaker will be making a conscious effort to keep its vehicles closer to the ground in order to improve styling, fuel economy and handling. This revelation came after lining Dodge products up against the competition. Apparently, the company found that comparable products from rival automakers were generally lower than anything rolling out of the Pentastar den. For 2011, the automaker has moved to fix that, cranking out vehicles that have a lower center-of-gravity compared to their predecessors.
That includes products like the 2011 Dodge Durango, which uses a significantly lower front fascia than theJeep Grand Cherokee specifically to nudge the vehicle’s fuel economy as high as possible. According to Ralph Gilles, senior vice president of product design, low-slung looks will come to dominate the company’s design language moving forward, especially as Chrysler begins to redraw models based on Fiat architecture in the near future. Don’t expect to hear us complain about the change, but off-roaders and those suffering from parking lot barrier scrapes might have a few things to say about it.