Saturday, November 13, 2010

Honda Legend New 2009

 New Honda Legend 2009
New Honda Legend 2009 Dashboard Interiors

The new engine has an additional 200cc that the assistances to give to the new legend of Honda a larger couple through the whole rev the range. To supplement this increase in the capacity the 3.7 V6 liters has additional VTEC with the exhaust valves, uniting the system already adapted on the side of admission. Those carried out an increase of 20% of couple in the half span. The result is an improvement with the feeling of the power, as well as improved acceleration.
Coupled to this revised engine, is a all-new gear box speed of legend 5 of Honda which helps the driver to exploit and appreciate the unit of revised power. The new box commutated with a right door and authorizes the driver with the additional control of the choice speed with the revised assembled pallet-levers of wheel and the new software of gear box. The new transmission reacts more quickly to the changes of the driver entered even in normal automatic mode and thus gives to the driver the access to actuate when it is most necessary.