Sunday, November 7, 2010

Convertible truck - a Scania engine with custom and 1,000 horses Turbo v8

For those who thought that there is no limit in time to choose to customize the car to see what the owner of this truck made with the machine, the truck received the title of world's first convertible truck.

Owner Name: Swedish, Bergen Dahl, owns a carrier and cranes. When I ask him why not volvo? He replied: I refuse to drive anything other than v8, plus there are a fidelity of 40 years with the Scania brand.

This truck was made for presentations across Europe where visitors can sit in the driver's seat and step on the accelerator.

5000 hours were over two years working on the car and a cost of R $ 190,000.00 euros.

His final sentence: "When you love does not mind." So everyone can admire the incredible beauty of a convertible Scania, among numerous accessories the machine now has:

* Without the fifth wheel;
* Rearview sports;
* Windshield super sports;
* All parties "blank" is stainless steel or aluminum;
* 2 super-Santo Antonio stainless steel;
* With 1000 hp, v8 (MOTOR FOR BOAT)
* Air Suspension;
* Xenon headlight;
* Electric Gates (without handles);
* Single tire in front;
* Special Red Ferrari.