Thursday, November 11, 2010

BMW 5 GT Interior: Best we have seen to date

With the risk of being called again fanboys or BMW lovers(which we actually are), we  have no choice but to declare the interior design of the new 5 Series GT, the best we have seen to date. If the exterior design will receive its share of criticism as it happened with the X6 back in time, the interior design can only be cataloged as the most luxurious cabin in the BMW line-up.
Let’s rewind back a few months and see what we said about the interior design:
“This is the area that the BMW 5 Series GT shines. The 7 Series was the first vehicle launched by BMW in a while that brought back the interior design quality expected by its fans, followed shortly by the BMW Z4 and now, the 5er GT. It was designed by Oliver Heilner with luxury and comfort in mind. “We wanted a car you could enter without difficulty and feel comfortable in over long journeys.”
The concept is a four-seater, but the production model will have five, losing the center console in the rear. The displays and controls are grouped according to their functions. The instrument panel enhances the very good visibility provided by the high seating position. The colors and materials for the interior design give the impression of total luxury, spaciousness, in my opinion, a very elegant approach which sends the right message to its potential buyers.
The impression of luxury is further enhanced by the ceramic elements integrated within the solid wood trim. The panoramic sunroof comes to complete this image.”
Now, if we were to rewrite the review, we will not only agree with everything we said, but we will have no other choice other than to praise it even more. If the concept was a little more conservative in a luxurious way, the production model is showing a far more sportier and realistic approach of the new interior design. Many of the wood panels have been replaced by other trim options, in a way reminding us even more of the new 7 Series. The seats are definitely a step up over any other model out there and we can only imagine how they feel and look in person.
The dashboard and gauges are definitely one of our favorite design elements and they will satisfy even the most demanding BMW customer.
We won’t to further praising this amazing cabin, so we will rather wait until we see the car in person and be able to report live our findings.